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Date 18/07/2024

Status: 1 issue reported

Last updated : 3rd July 2024 9.58am

PayPal : We are aware that the secretaries who are using PayPal as a Payment Service Provider will be having intermittent issues with riders being able to pay.

The issue relates to 3 areas and is intermittent

1. Paypal insisting you login to make a payment (apparently IF you have a PP account and you can login the payment will go through fine) - latest information is that PayPal believe that they have solved this but we are monitoring. Please contact us if you continue to get these issues.
2. Paypal's system starts to timeout "working" when completing an Authentication on a card. - Ongoing
3. The MyRidingLife.com basket page - when you click/press/tab Make Payment - it just starts whirring and not passing to PayPal - this is due to PP's system not responding to the request. - latest information is that PayPal believe that they have solved this but we are monitoring. Please contact us if you continue to get these issues.
These issues relate to PayPal and not to our systems BUT we are chasing them daily and working with them as much as possible to get them to resolve this ongoing issue. We have never experienced such poor support but PayPal responds often every 4-6 weeks!

Recommended solutions
** PayPal recommends you can close the tab in the browser, then reopen it in a new tab (our basket will save for you).
** PayPal recommends you can clear your Cookies in your browser and then the payment should work fine.
** PayPal recommends you logout and log back in again or try a different device or browser which you have not used before. If possible try using a Desktop.
** When you see the page "whirring or working" with the circle going round, payment has not been taken, authentication has not been received by the bank due to this issue above, so you can safely close the page and try again on a different device or try logging out and logging back in again.
** If you still have issues please contact the secretary with your MyRidingLife (MRL) ID (Account number) and they can bring up your basket contents and help process for you. Please note you must have your account number for GDPR purposes.
** We are very sorry for this inconvenience. it is only affecting a small minority of PayPal users, all other Payment Providers are operating normally.
** Rest assured this is a priority for us to sort with PayPal as any issues must be resolved ASAP for all users affected.

PayPal Statement : Dec 24

Fortunately, the Engineers have been able to replicate the behavior and they believe they have resolved most of the issues but some may be ongoing.


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